Andy Richards
Sorority Row (Andy)


22 (Presumed)



Cause of death

Shot in chest with shotgun, fell through floor into fire




Chugs Bradley

Claire Wen

Ellie Morris

Jessica Pierson

Maggie Blaire

Garrett Bradley

Kyle Tyson

Cassidy Tappan


Cassidy Tappan (Girlfriend)


Unnamed mother

Unnamed father

Played by

Julian Morris

Andy Richards is a character of the 2009 slasher film Sorority Row and a main antagonist.

Biography Edit

Andy is Cassidy's boyfriend. He is told to leave and go to his parents house in Canada when the murders begin by Cassidy in a bid to try and protect him. Later in the movie it is revealed Andy is the killer, murdering the people who know who the true culprets for Megan death is, to stop Cassidy from being prosecuted. Just before he is about to kill Cassidy as he can not trust her, Ellie shoots him dead. Andy successfully managed to kill all involved other than Cassidy and Ellie.

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